About Gorelick Real Estate Advisors, LLC


Gorelick Real Estate Advisors are professional owners of real estate throughout the Cleveland area. We have acquired and renovated more than 100 houses and multi-family buildings. Gorelick Real Estate Advisors chooses properties that are centrally located and uphold a high standard of maintenance and condition. We seek out tenants that will care for our properties as their own.

Jeff Gorelick

Managing Member
Gorelick Real Estate Advisors

Gorelick Real Estate Advisors LLC, known as Gorelick Rentals, was founded by Jeff and Allison Gorelick in Reno in 2009. Since then, this family-owned residential real estate company has grown to operate in three states. We arrived in Cleveland in 2018 and since then have acquired more than 100 properties. Our mission is to provide quality homes for quality tenants. We strive to provide prompt service to our residents. 

Stephanie Virden

Property Manager
Gorelick Real Estate Advisors

Stephanie joined Gorelick Real Estate Advisors in 2020. Stephanie has nearly 15 years experience in real estate. She manages our Cleveland portfolio which includes several multi-family properties and many single-family homes. Stephanie attended California State University – San Marcos.

Asia James

Assistant Property Manager
Gorelick Real Estate Advisors

Asia joined Gorelick Real Estate Advisors in 2024 and currently works as an Assistant Property Manager. She is a Cleveland Native and is enthusiastic about keeping our big city progressing. Asia graduated Summa Cum Laude from Bryant & Stratton College with her Associates degree, received a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology from Central State University and is currently working on her Master’s degree.

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